Our Three Purposes

The next step as  disciples of Jesus is to live out our faith.  We share the love of Christ both by serving in the church as well as reaching out to our local community through evangelism.


After joining our church, members develop their spiritual maturity through studying God’s word in small groups, Sunday school, and discipleship classes.



There is no longer Jew or Gentile, slave or free, male and female. For you are all one in Christ Jesus.

Our Story


One Church Irvine, formerly known as Vietnamese Saddleback Church, started out in 1991 as a church whose target group was the growing Vietnamese- American population in Lake Forest, California. Through God’s grace, our church has been able to transform the lives of many in the Vietnamese community of Orange County.


Since 2016, our church has been making the shift towards a more diverse congregation with new English Sunday services. In the spirit of this transformation, the church changed its name to One Church of Irvine, taking inspiration from the Book of Galatians.


Despite these changes, God’s mission for our church and His transformative message remains the same: to spread hope to our community and to strengthen our relationships with one another. No matter who you are or where you’re from, there’s always a place for you here in our family.

To be a place of hope where the hurting can come to find support, a place of love where friendships and families can grow, a place of care where people can develop in their spiritual journey with Jesus.

Our priorities are loving God and loving people. We love God through worship and love others through fellowship and friendship. We are one family united by Jesus Christ. 

Hey there!


My name is Johnny Truong, and I have been serving as the Senior Pastor at One Church of Irvine since 2014. I'm married to my beautiful wife Pearl, and we have three kids: Kenny, Hayden and Kristine.


I was born and raised in a non-Christian family back in central Vietnam. I came to know Christ at age 16. Right from the start of my walk with Jesus I've always felt a desire to serve God. Even so, I frankly didn't really want to become a pastor then. That is until God called me into a full-time ministry in 2007 that I finally accepted His call.


Today I am truly blessed and exceedingly grateful to have the privilege of serving such a wonderful and dynamic group of people that is One Church of Irvine; people who love God and each other both so deeply. 


Ultimately, my utmost desire is to help others experience a vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ, and to encourage them to actively share the good news of the Gospel—whenever and wherever God calls them to.


God bless,

Pastor Johnny

A Welcome Letter from Pastor Johnny